Sometimes, people do things that are not technically “ethical” to get ahead in the workplace. Does that make them sociopaths? Or fun, cool people it would be interesting to talk to? Take this case:

At Company X there was a very crafty secretary. And she had a well-meaning but perhaps not overly bright boss. She quickly realized that she could make herself indispensable by doing a ton of tasks he should probably have known how to do himself.

That meant everything from making coffee and booking reservations (normal PA stuff) to assembling presentations so they looked nice. She also began “helping out” when he had extra work. He came to rely on her entirely.

Then she began booking him on trips that lasted longer than they needed to. She found fun little “extras” he could do while he was away, like finding when bands he liked were in a town he was going to, so he’d stay and extra day. While he was away, she began taking on more and more of his work.

Long story short, the man was fired. She is now a VP. Was she evil or awesome?

We discuss in detail with our friends over at our sister site, The Grindstone, but feel free to weigh in right now.

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