Of course we had to take a poll on what you’re looking forward to this evening for the big Oscar event. We’ve already covered some appropriate drinking games you should be playing, but what else are you planning? Perhaps a little party? Some appetizers and Oscar-themed cocktails? Brad Pitt and Michelle Williams masks? Any reason to don a gown and pretend to be a fancy celebrity is my personal mantra.

Since the Academy Awards started in 1929, they have been a spectacle to say the least. Between impeccable fashion, fashion disasters, actors getting up on their soapbox for one reason or another, the occasional slip of the tongue (remember Melissa Leo’s F-bomb from last year?), it’s exciting to see what will go down tomorrow night.

As you prepare for the evening, what is it that you’re most excited about seeing? Go ahead and admit you watch it for the heart-wrenching acceptance speeches! Everyone loves a good cry.

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