via Sky News

Would a gym owned by Madonna inspire you to work out more?

My answer is no.  Because I am never motivated to work out, though once I start working out, I semi-enjoy it.   And I also have this irrational fear that once I start working out, my naturally fast metabolism might get used to the exercise, and will become dependent on working out for the rest of my life to maintain my slim physique, which is clearly something I cannot promise to do.

Your answer might be different.  Which is okay, and I understand.  Maybe you like to work out, and you like Madonna, so this is a perfect fit for you.  Madonna has recently launched a gym in Mexico City named Hard Candy Fitness Club, which she plans to turn into a chain of gyms.  According to Sky News, Madonna chose Mexico because “she loves Mexico’s culture, food, art and architecture and wasn’t worried about its wave of drug-related violence.”  The Hard Candy Fitness Club will feature a juice-bar cafe, the latest equipment and classes, and (the only selling point for me) luxury sauna and steam rooms.

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