pot vs cocaine

TheGloss does not endorse your absolutely rampant, habitual, unrepentant drug use.

No, really, we don’t! Because I find people who have just smoked a ton of pot absolutely unbearable. I can’t hand lethargic ramblings about the meaning of life and how we should all love each other, because it will make me go absolutely apoplectic. Like Maggie Thatcher. I also hate terrible movies.

Ashley disagrees! Or rather she says that the real problem is being around people who are doing cocaine, because, teeth gnashing megalomania. Which is odd. I love those qualities. That is how I feel all the time.

Being around people doing cocaine is like finding a bunch of new friends, all of whom have trapped me in a restroom to talk at a very snappy rate about the Icelandic economy.

So. Go cocaine! Team yeyo!

Though, um, hugs not drugs. Obviously.

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