Over the weekend, David Rodriguez ran butt-ass naked in front of President Obama at a rally in order to earn $1 million from internet mogul Alki David. The stunt was apparently done to promote David’s website, Battlecam.com (which has worked, you’re welcome) — Rodriguez had the name of the site written across his stomach.

Rodriguez told the New York Post that he did it because he’s strapped for cash:

“My family needs the money, my sister needs an operation and it’s not cheap,” he said.
The video is sort of funny and sort of disturbing, the most nail-biting part being where he’s subdued by police officers. I’m sorry to say that I’m now worried that any time the men in blue get someone on the ground they’re going to shoot him, and apparently Rodriguez felt the same way:

Secret Service and Philadelphia police…subdued Rodriguez in a prone position and an officer put his knee on his back.

All Rodriguez was thinking was, “Don’t Tase me or don’t shoot me,” he recalled.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot I could do with $1 million, and a couple seconds of being publicly naked seems like a small price to pay. How about you?

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