Typing that title made me a little nauseous because you’d think that in 2013, we’d all be aware that any time a grown or almost grown man has sex with a child, it’s sexual abuse. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A 9-year-old in Mexico who’s just given birth has authorities borderline criticizing her integrity or, at the very least, not blaming the adult who impregnated her.

The child, identified as “Daphne” by the The Telegraph, had her baby at Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco, Mexico. The child (rather, the child’s child) was delivered via cesarean weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces on January 27. According to the girl’s mother, the baby’s father is a 17-year-old male who reportedly ran away after Daphne, who had become pregnant at just 8-years-old, refused to move in with him. But what bothers me — on top of the obviously already disturbing crime here — is how certain authorities are discussing the case and the little girl with the public.

“Due to her young age, we don’t know if she is being entirely truthful,” said Lino Ginzalez Corona, spokesperson at Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office. “Her parents work all day and were not watching after her, and therefore didn’t realize what was about to happen.” He noted that the the office is “still open to the possibility of rape or child sex abuse,” as though there is some remote possibility that this isn’t child sex abuse. In what realm can a little girl consent to a man who, in all likelihood, is much larger, stronger and more intellectually mature than she? This isn’t some Romeo and Juliet story wherein a kid escapes her neglectful parents to be with an older gentleman; it’s the case of an adult male sexually abusing a child, plain and simple.

Fortunately, at least one person there seems to be more rational in his mindset: Jorge Villasenor, with the state prosecutor’s office, stated, “This is a rape or child sex abuse case.” Yes, yes it is. Because she was 8, and 8-year-olds can’t consent. You know, because they’re 8.
I understand that in some places, a 17-year-old is technically considered a child still. In Mexico, the age of consent is anywhere from 12 to 18, with Jalisco’s at the lowest end of that range. But at 17, we all knew that having sex with a little girl was (A) disgusting and (B) totally fucking not okay, and I guarantee that this man did, too. While this took place in Mexico, there are certainly laws in America against people four or more years older participating in sexual acts with children no matter the age of consent (ex.: a 15-year-old having sex with an 8-year-old would be a punishable crime), as makes quite a bit of sense.
Fortunately, Daphne is reportedly doing well and will be receiving both psychological and medical attention. Hopefully, the guy who abused her will be found and punished, as no child deserves to be taken advantage of by an adult, no matter his age or their situation.

Photo: dizznbonn / Flickr