Let the record show that Prince Harry is not only an incredibly hot piece, but also a gentleman. While hanging out poolside at the Andaz Hotel in San Diego with a group of friends recently, Harry bore witness to a grotesque display of horseplay when some commoner shoved a young woman into the pool, fully clothed.

Never one to miss the opportunity to see through a soaking wet t-shirt come to the rescue, Harry wasted no time wrapping 23-year-old Lindsay Swagerty in his very own towel so she could dry off.

Swagerty’s next move ensured that she will never be the next-next queen of England. Rather than capitalizing on the moment and coyly accepting the towel, then being cold and totally hard-to-get, she decided to keep the towel as a souvenir (Swagerty, let me ask you something — do you think that’s how Kate landed Will? By being starstruck? DO YOU??). In keeping with that response, she and some friends then met the prince for beer and shots (SHOTS! See above parenthetical note) the following evening.

Swagerty told the Daily Sun that Harry is “probably the most charming man I’ll ever meet.”

And that’s probably true.