Yesterday at a visit to a homeless center in London, Prince William showed he can bust a move just as awkwardly as his father, Prince Charles. When chatting with resident Vanessa Boateng, he asked her if she thought his wedding suit had looked “dapper,” to which she replied “No, your swag looked on point.” (Over/under on either one understanding what the other was trying to say? For those not in the know, “dapper” and “swag” are basically different versions of the same concept. )

Will must have had at least a vague idea what “swag” meant, because he did a little hiphop dance where he brushed off his shoulders, a move popularized by Jay-Z‘s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” As you can see, everyone found this hilarious.

It’s not really a “scoop” that Will and Kate are planning to have children, but he referenced his desire to be a parent when he found out Ms. Boateng was studying to be a “nursery nurse.” “He said he was going to make his children come and I could discipline them,” she said. “He is fantastic, he is great, I love him… We are friends.” Aw.

(Via The Daily Mail)