As part of their tour of the Far East today, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visited the island nation of Tuvalu, where they were greeted with an elaborate welcoming ceremony. As is the custom with anyone who arrives by water, a group is islanders lifted them up on a platform and carried them around, and then they got down for a little bit of getting down.

And dance they did. Oh, how they danced. Kate Middleton went against British royalty’s reputation for stiffness by moving her hips (a little bit, anyway), and also pulled off some graceful hand motions. William was less graceful, looking a little like that guy at the party who dances like a magician when drunk, but you have to give him credit for trying. Most importantly, they looked pretty convincingly like they were having fun.

But as adorable as this video is, I feel somewhat obligated to remind everyone that part of the reason they’re even there is that Britain claimed Tuvalu as a protectorate, with the Queen of England as head of state, back in the colonial days when it was okay to do such things, and Tuvalu went along with it because the British seemed like better overlords than the Peruvians or the Australians. Arguably, they were—unlike those other countries, the British never kidnapped Tuvaluans and made them slaves—but they did obliterate their religious traditions by converting everyone to Christianity. Benevolent racism, the white man’s burden, etc. None of this is Kate Middleton’s fault, of course, but it does complicate my enjoyment of the video somewhat.

(Via The Telegraph)