Looks like someone forgot to take their meds today.

Looks like someone forgot to take their meds today.

Everyone seemed to be in good spirits during today’s inauguration except for one man who managed to climb a frail-looking tree and yell lunacy at the crowd beneath him.

The pro-life, er, anti-choice protester decided today was the day he was going to try out his mad bear-like climbing skills with a sign that read “Pray to end abortion.” If you look at the photo, you can’t help but wonder exactly how much longer that poor tree is going to put up with that nonsense, because, as we all know, trees are Democrats.

Throughout the entire inaugural ceremony, Sir Crazy Bear, as I’m calling him, hooped and hollered his bullshit including such winning lines as, “Think of the blood of the babies! Democrats are baby-killers! What about the babies! Stop Obama!”

Not surprisingly, the crowd beneath thought him to be just as much of a jackass as I do, and responded by flipping him off, suggesting suicide and even one man shouted “Suck on this!” as he grabbed his crotch. Such a lovely banter that was going on in that neck of the woods! But the man had no intention of leaving his important post up in the tree, probably for fear of being pummeled by the Democratic “baby-killers” below.

According to BuzzFeed, that caught all the hilarity, the Capitol police intended on leaving Sir Crazy Bear up in his tree until the crowd had gone, stating “either he’ll come down or we’ll take him down.”

It takes a true advocate of a belief to climb up a tree, far out of the grasp of those who oppose him, and make inane declarations at the top of his lungs. I hope this Sir Crazy bear doesn’t fancy himself courageous in any way; courage means facing your opponent head on, not from 20 feet up in the air. But I’m sure some fellow pro-lifer will high-five him later today for his “bravery.”

Via BuzzFeed