Pro-Life & Pro-Choice protestors mix with Senators and Ministers outside Leinster House ahead of a vote later tonight to introduce abortion in limited cases in Ireland where the mother's life is at risk

Anti-abortion activists in Wichita, Kansas are asking to re-zone (read: shut down) the women’s health clinic where Dr. George Tiller used to work (until he was murdered by anti-choicers) because it attracts…wait for it…anti-choicers.

According to The Wichita Eagle, a coalition of anti-choice groups will renew their call to rezone the clinic at a city council meeting today, despite already having been denied once. Their reasoning:

In a Monday afternoon news release, the groups cited several gun incidents at the site during Tiller’s years at the clinic, the unwillingness of South Wind’s security to communicate with them to “defuse violence” before it occurs and the antagonism of South Wind escorts toward anti-abortion demonstrators.

In addition, the groups say it is inappropriate for schoolchildren to see the protests and graphic signs associated with a clinic performing abortions.

Do you hear that, health center? You need to shut down because you attract too many people trying to shut you down. Many of those people (us) are also bad for children to look at. ::grabs hand:: WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF?

The clinic countered quite reasonably that it is the “pro-life” protestors that are the problem, not the legally operating health clinic:

“The reason they cite is that we’re a nuisance to the neighborhood,” said Julie Burkhart, the executive director of Trust Women, which opened the clinic. “From our perspective, it’s the anti crowd and their protests that are the nuisance.”

Fortunately, though, it’s unlikely that this effort to close the place will be successful, as City Council already voted not to rezone it once and are not likely to reverse their decision. This is good, because South Wind Women’s Center is the only place for miles around where women can go to get abortions, and we don’t need to make the “average miles traveled per abortion” statistic even worse than it already is.

This also just goes to show just how relentless the anti-choice movement is; just because they murdered someone who worked there doesn’t mean they’re going to leave South Wind Women’s Center alone.

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