How much do you love the Hunger Games? A little? A reasonable amount? …A shitload? If you said “a shitload”–or you’re an oil heir or something–you can now display your outlandish love of children killing each other for just $1000. At Target.

Yes, the big box store will be selling a solid 14-K gold Mockingjay pin, like the one Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss wears in the film, for $999. But, wait! There’s more:

Target, which is known for offering a variety of items at inexpensive prices, will also be selling a replica of Katniss’ leather hunting jacket for $349 and a lithograph autographed by 10 Hunger Games actors, including Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, for $699. The catch: Only 100 of each item will be available for purchase.

The jacket and lithograph will go on the market Aug. 18, while the Mockingjay pin won’t hit shelves until Aug. 20. The DVD and Blu-rays are due for an Aug. 21 release.

Target will also be selling a bunch of lower priced items–cardboard cutouts, picture frames, etc within a range of $6.99 to $37.99–for all your poors/reasonable people, too.

Also. Who buys this?

(Hollywood Reporter)