While that headline may be funny, I caution you that you are laughing about domestic violence. Jezebel reports that Jaleel White, better known as Urkel, has been accused of abusing his girlfriend, including “punching [her] in one of her breast implants.”

So I ask you. If you have breast implants — or any other impant — and you get punched in it, why is it reported as being punched in the implant instead of punched in whatever body part it is? I mean, the investigators in this case don’t know whether Urkel’s fist made contact with actual breast tissue or only silicone, and to say that one has been punched in the implant, as I’ve demonstrated here with my witty and yet provocative title, kind of makes it too funny to be taken seriously. But, of course, it IS serious. So why? Should I launch into a feminist rant here about the minimalizing of domestic violence, or not taking seriously the problems of women who are deemed too sexual? What? What is the appropriate response? I’ll tell you what I did — I laughed, and then I hated myself. Happy?