queen rania instagramAs much as we like looking at them, the world’s royals have been slow to adopt Instagram and other social media platforms. It’s a shame. We would follow Kate Middleton‘s Instagram as though she were the lost Kardashian sister, but it seems highly unlikely that the Duchess of Cambridge would start sharing random snapshots with the world like some kind of normal.

Another royal will, though. Because the Huffington Post reports that Queen Rania of Jordan (who also has a Twitter account and a YouTube channel) has taken to Instagram to show us pictures of her family eating, several world leaders, and the King of Jordan helping some people get their car unstuck from the snow.

Her bio reads “Queen Rania Al Abdullah, A mum and a wife with a really cool day job …”

queen rania instagram

queen rania instagram“He’s home for the holidays … Finally!” she posted with a picture of herself with her two sons, 8-year-old Prince Hashem and 19-year-old Crown Prince Hussein, who is a student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. (With Queen Rania’s Instagram taking off, we predict Georgetown will see a spike in applications this year and next.)

Rania has spoken out before about the potential of social media as a tool of social change, telling TechCrunch:

“It’s about using social media for social change: creating a community of advocates who can use their voices on behalf of the voiceless, or leverage their talents, skills, knowledge, and resources to put more children into classrooms, or pressure their elected representatives to get global education top of the agenda.”

Her Instagram presence is off to a good if understated start. Her family is lovely, but it also seems very down to Earth and normal. There isn’t a tiara in sight.
But if you were looking for tiaras, you might want to check out the royal Instagram of Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, who wears diamonds and flies on private jets with Valentino and Instagrams the whole thing for our enjoyment.

There is room for a lot more royals of Instagram, and hopefully with Queen Rania as a trailblazer we’ll see more tinted royal selfies soon. We particularly hope Princess Beatrice gets one. She seems cool.