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Tonight’s the night, people.  Jersey Shore Season 2 comes to a close, and Thursdays will once again be bleak.  That is, until Season 3 comes around!  In honor of tonight’s finale, we decided to make a little quiz to see how well you know the Jersey Shore crew.  So pour yourself a tall glass of Ron-Ron juice and get started:

1. Which cast mates have not hooked up?

A.  Vinny and Angelina

B.  Angelina and Pauly D

C.  Snooki and Vinny

D.  J-Woww and The Situation

2.  Which cast member was born and raised in New Jersey?

A.  Pauly D

B.  Sammi Sweetheart

C.  J-Woww

D.  Ronnie

3.  What does Pauly D have pierced?

A.  His tongue

B.  His Prince Albert

C.  His lip

D.  His eyebrow

4.  Which one of the Jersey Shore cast members is adopted?

A.  The Situation

B.  Sammi Sweetheart

C.  Angelina

D.  Snooki

5.  Who did Angelina cheat on Jose with?

A.  Vinny

B.  The Situation

C.  Pauly D

D.  Ronnie

6.  What beauty advice does Snooki give for pre-sex primping?

A.  Flossing teeth

B.  Shaving legs

C.  Putting lotion on your butt

D.  Doing a face mask

7.  What brand of watch did Jose buy Angelina?

A. Juicy Couture

B.  Coach

C.  Fossil

D.  Guess

8.  On the last episode, Sammi was furious at Ronnie for saying she looked like the nationality of his ex-girlfriend, and that he liked it.  What nationality was it?

A.  Hispanic

B.  Eastern-European

C.  Asian

D.  African-American

9.  Which cast member battled an eating disorder in high school?

A.  Angelina

B.  Snooki

C.  Sammi Sweetheart

D.  J-Woww

10.  Who is the oldest cast member?

A. J-Woww

B.  The Situation

C.  Pauly D

D.  Angelina


1. D

2.  B

3.  B

4.  D

5.  A

6.  C

7.  C

8.  C

9.  B

10.  C