When people are pregnant, it’s no secret that sometimes, they harbor quiet preferences for a boy or a girl.

But usually, they have the tact to answer the question about what gender they’re hoping for by lying and saying, “Oh, we just hope the baby is healthy!”

We all know that the answer is bullshit, but the reason people say it is because they don’t want to seem like an asshole. If you say you want a girl and then you have a boy, someone out there will know that you’re disappointed, and maybe someday, somehow, your kid will find out. Unlikely, but that’s the fear (I imagine).

But what if you’re semi-famous, and you have your own reality show, and you decide to announce on national television that you cried for weeks when you found out you were having a boy? Well, then you’re a huge asshole! And you’re also Rachel Zoe. According to the Daily Mail:

Celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe has revealed she ‘cried for a week’ after discovering she was having a boy…

‘I always had this plan in my mind that I was gonna have this little baby girl,’ Rachel said during an interview on the show.

‘I found out I was having a boy, and I did cry for a week. Or two. Maybe even three.’

Yeah. That’s not cool. Keep some things to yourself, Zoe. Chances are that your kid will eventually see that episode, and think you’re a jerk, and guess what? He’ll be right.