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Earlier this week, the Arizona State University chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon got themselves some attention by throwing a racist bonanza over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. ASU officials have decided to expel TKE from it’s campus and no longer recognize it as part of ASU’s Greek life. TKE isn’t taking that lying down, which is an excellent example of “digging the hole deeper.”

After photos of the party attendees circulated on the Interent, ASU suspended TKE. It didn’t help that TKE has had a string of incidents, including landing themselves on probation in 2012 for beating up a black student of a different frat. It’s not looking great.

ASU students were understandably embarrassed to be associated with TKE’s buffoonery, and Jezebel points out that an op-ed in the school paper addressed that very point, lamenting that “this poor behavior slammed ASU students in headlines across the Valley and the nation yet again, an unfair portrayal of the University’s student life.”

In an admirable show of zero tolerance, ASU has severed any ties to TKE, and University President Dr. Michael M. Crow addressed the party in a statement posted online, noting that:

[T]he ASU Student Code of Conduct sets forth the standards of conduct expected of students who choose to join our university community. At ASU, students who violate these standards will be subject to disciplinary sanctions in order to promote their own personal development, to protect the university community, and to maintain order and stability on our campuses.

The members of TKE are not particularly interested in personal development, it would appear. Last night shared a link to a Facebook page called “SAVE Arizona State University Tau Kappa Epsilon.” The bio reads “The poor taste and acts of a few are not reflective of the whole.” Then things really devolved. A man named Micheal King twice posted the same photo to TKE’s Facebook page, showing two students in blackface.

asu tau kappa epsilon

The captions read:

Full support on the issues of freedom of speech and expressing controversial opinions and ideas. Save our consititutional rights. here’s a pics from 1990 at Kent state univ. when TKE was allowed to express our rights. if the university or TKE nationals causes you problems, ,seek independent legal advise.

More throwback, 1990, Who is that dark skinned brother on the left ? . Kent State , TKE fraternity party, back when we were allowed to express ourselves. damn, times have changed for the worse.

While these poorly spelled captions seem to fully misunderstand that freedom of speech doesn’t mean that organizations cannot set their own standards, I really only have one takeaway from that ignorant, racist, ‘Murica-shit: TKE clicked “like” on both photos.

Photos: Instagram, Facebook