While you may have used your Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend to reflect on equality, radical activism, or the great strides that we have left to overcome as a nation when it comes to race, the worthless shits at Arizona Sate University’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter set us back handsomely with an “MLK Black Party.” Oh come on, white people. This is super embarrassing for all of us.

Per Fox affiliate KVVU, “[p]ictures from the event…show members and guests dressed in basketball jerseys, flashing gang signs and even drinking from watermelon cups.” Really? I’m not sure that I even have the language to articulate my thoughts on this matter. Let’s muddle through this together.

When shit like this happens at sororities and fraternities (and it happens with alarming regularity), I always wonder how college kids, who in my admittedly naive notion of the world are learning things, can still display such poor judgement. I mean, college kids are not known for their judgement, but it’s one thing to wet the bed while passed out drunk. It’s an entirely different affair to get an invite to a racist party, throw on a costume, and gleefully photograph yourself making an approximation of “gang signs.” There’s photos on what appear to be since deleted Instagram accounts, but Jezebel snagged some screen shots:

racist asu fraternity

racist kte asuHip. Of course, our expectations of Greek life are so low that Sam and I were just thrilled that there wasn’t any black face. Yikes.

Apparently, this TKE chapter has been in trouble before, and was only recently reinstated after being suspended for inappropriate conduct, which involved a party with a fight. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

Patrick Gleason, the Director of Compliance and Housing for the TKE national organization pussyfooted around the whole fiasco, saying:

“We are aware of the situation. We have been contacted and we have been in contact with the local chapter and the university. I’ll be meeting with the school as well as the local chapter, as I said, to really flush out the details of this incident and get a full scope of what occurred. They obviously need to be checked on what they’re doing, how they’re acting and how they’re presenting themselves. Not only as a fraternity of brothers, but as people.”

No need to flush out the details, because here they are: something is very, very wrong at ASU. Your local frat chapter is racist, and anyone who took part in this fuckery is racist, too. It seems obvious that ignorance is the reason but that’s not an excuse–at some point everyone has to wake up and educate themselves about the world around them, and make the marginally painful split between the ignorance that they were raised with in favor of reality. These imbeciles need to get their heads out of their asses and understand that their “MLK black party” wasn’t funny and wasn’t harmless. It was disgusting and embarrassing, and a big step backwards. Everybody go home.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons