What is going on with high schools these days? First, the whole “not having integrated prom in 2013” thing and now, students apparently feel the need to make clubs based on being caucasian and the apparent oppression that accompanies being caucasian and how awful it is to exist as a caucasian person in a world full of — gasp — acceptance of others.

At Franklin High School in New Jersey, parents and administration became aware of several students who had formed a “White Girls Club,” due to presumably unfathomable stupidity and/or sheer ignorance. The students used social networking sites to post photos of themselves throwing up three fingers in “W” shapes (you know, for “white,” because they’re creative!). Plus, the girls seem to be buddies with other racist kids at school:

One girl retweeted a tweet sent out by a boy that says “the hallways in the high school” and then features a Twitter photo of a large group of monkeys or chimpanzees. That same boy sent out a photo of the Confederate flag hanging on a wall in what appears to be the bleachers in a gym with the hash tag “south will rise again.”

Another post by that same boy said “I’m prepared to wave this flag around in a gym full of 1,000 screaming black people.”

The boy’s tweets indicate he may have been suspended.

Another student from Bishop George Ahr High School in Edison, a supporter of the White Girls Club, wrote similar posts on her Twitter.

Twitter postings by this student included comments such as “Al Sharpton ain’t gonna save your ass now” and “Sometimes I wonder if I crossed a line, but then I remember I’m white and I can do whatever the (expletive) I want.”

That same girl sent out a tweet saving “Africa this way” with a arrow pointing down.

Side note: How have kids still not realized that when you write racist, awful stuff on the Internet, it doesn’t go away? Good god, has nobody taught them about screenshots yet? Though, I suppose, it is not really the worst thing in the world when idiots are caught being ignorant or misogynistic on the Internet.

While the club was apparently started “as a joke” by eight friends, it is still is unacceptable — especially since they wore “White Girls Club” shirts to school, which could make a non-white student feel intimidated or uncomfortable. Putting racially exclusionary messages on clothing, then wearing them as a “club”? Uh, yeah. Not okay, especially not in learning environments.

Unsurprisingly, the members of the White Girls Club have already learned the “I’m sorry you feel that way” approach to apologizing, writing, “You’re choosing to take offense to statements that weren’t about you in the first place” when another student encouraged them to stop with the cyberbullying and racism.

The school doled out some suspensions and required students to attend group counseling, but I think the fact that these kids made a club based on being caucasian in the first place is indicative of a larger problem. Perhaps rather than just giving these kids small slaps on the wrist, this school needs to additionally look at the type of culture it is fostering as a whole.

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