Another day, another shitty racist t-shirt controversy. A South Carolina Mexican restaurant called El Taco Cid has come under fire for a cartoonishly racist t-shirt they are not only selling, but also forcing all of their employees to wear. As you can see, the shirt reads “HOW TO CATCH AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT,” and depicts a Looney Tunes style varmint trap with a taco as bait.

This is wrong on so many levels. If you want to be a dumb hick who thinks Mexican people are dim racist caricatures who must be kept from coming and taking our jerbs, fine. But if you hate Mexicans so much, why are you cooking and selling their food, and naming your restaurant in their alien language? Have you even met a Mexican person before? I can’t imagine any Mexicans would want to work there wearing racist shirts about themselves, which makes me think the food might not be the tastiest or most authentic example of Mexican cuisine in South Carolina. Are you even allowed to eat Mexican food while actively hating Mexicans?

The restaurant has responded to the barrage of criticism and Facebook comments with the following asinine statement:

Our t-shirts were created as a witty and comical statement regarding ILLEGAL immigrants. There are NO racial nor hate remarks towards any specific ethnic group.

Taco Cid and its employees are not racist. We will serve EVERY individual with the same quality of service, respect in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Don’t you see? Taco El Cid’s tacos are so irresistible that they can be used to lure any dim-witted race of illegal immigrant into a stick and box trap. You are the racist one for seeing a taco and having your mind go straight to “Mexicans.” Glad we cleared that up.

(Via The Village Voice)

Photo: Corey Hutchins