Remember when that terrible UCLA girl made a racist video about how annoying Asians are? That video looks downright progressive compared to this one: some Arizona girls have made a jaw-droppingly racist video in which they rant for nearly six minutes about Mexican immigrants and how “nasty and raunchy” they are.

Expect insights like “Cortes should have finished what he fucking started” and “Grab your burritos and get the fuck out of our country.” But it gets worse! Here’s the video:


It’s impressively appalling and uncomfortable to watch, but… you can make it into a fun game! Try and pick the least cogent argument! Our favorite is perhaps: “What the fuck? This is not fucking Mexico and Mexicans didn’t come here first. Okay?” We wonder if she knows who did.

Honorable mention: they focus a lot of hatred on immigrants’ seeming unwillingness to learn English but manage to mispronounce “contributing.”

Thanks to this video, though, their bigotry will haunt them.