So I spent the entire weekend in a bikini lying on a beach. That’s how I roll. It was unbelievably stressful for me. There were no projects to work on. I mean, other than that, it was pretty great. What I’ve taken away from it is a sunburn on one part of my stomach and this picture:

reading is sexy

I like it because in it I am 1) wearing a bikini and 2) reading. There aren’t enough pictures like that. But there should be. There’s nothing more attractive than people who can chat about books with you. Reading + Sexy = it’s not just for librarians anymore.

Incidentally, I’m reading Someone Like You which is one of Roald Dahl‘s books for grown-up sociopaths. Spoiler: in one story, a man becomes convinced that a stranger he meets on the train is the upper classman who abused him in boarding school. In another a woman beats her husband to death with a leg of lamb. It’s a bit like a more very-very-British version of  Chuck Palahniuk‘s Haunted. Did you read that? I bet you did. Because I bet you are sexy and also read.

And probably would not beat your husband to death with a leg of lamb.

Look. It’s up to us to put the racy back in literacy. Hence, the Racy In Literacy Contest.

To that end, send in a picture of you reading while sexy. Now, “sexy” is constituted of whatever that means to you. If it means riding a lawnmower in a Teletubby suit, well, I like that TheGloss accepts all kinds. I’d prefer not to feature nudity unless it ‘s really creatively done, in which case, okay, go for it. Reading is defined as “you should probably have a book in front of you in the picture. Or a kindle. Something.”

Send the pictures – along with your name, and a book recommendation to share – to, any time this week.

We’ll post all the entries next Monday and pick one winner, who will receive an assortment of books. We’ve got some favorites, but we’re also open to suggestions, so if you have any ones you want, send requests along with your entry.

Again: Jennifer@thegloss, one good book to share, and unparalleled sexiness. Let’s go. Your turn. I’ll leave you with this song: