Recently, Garrett Greer took part in the Sixth Annual Hollywood Assistants Beer Pong, which, frankly, sounds like a hell of a great way to spend the afternoon. As for the origin of this photo? I’ll let Garrett take it from here:

Danny was taking photos of my teammate and I as we played our first and only round.  All of a sudden some blonde woman pushed her way though the shot — walking BETWEEN Mark and I — said something bitchy to Danny about taking her photo as she blew past him, and told our opponents, a pair of girls from ICM, that she was rooting for them.  We were all like “WTF, lady?”  Later, when looking through the photos I discovered that Danny had captured her in all of her glaring glory.  And then I recognized her.  It was January Jones.

You know, I really wanted to like January Jones, but between this and the Piven I think I may have given up.