Looks like all those times that Hef made excuses for not tying the knot with former #1 girlfriend Holly Madison were just lies. Lies! Because now, courtesy of CNN, we know that he will marry again, and he will do so with Holly’s replacement, 24-year-old Crystal Harris. According to the article:

“’Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring,’ he clarified later [via Twitter] for those asking if it was merely a Christmas present or a step forward for the couple.

Hefner posted that he and Harris spent the night before Christmas watching a movie, then exchanging gifts…

His big gift was the engagement ring. It was a ‘memorable Christmas Eve together,’ Hefner tweeted.”

You know what, Hef? You didn’t just betray Holly with this recent news. You betrayed ME. I don’t know who to be more angry with — you, for the lies you told about never marrying again, or myself, for believing you.