James Davis / Elaine Lancaster, drag queen and star of Real Housewives of Miami via The Village Voice

Various reports claim that Bravo is adding a new city to its series:  Real Housewives of Miami. Bravo has not yet confirmed the statement, but several news outlets say that filming for the season has already wrapped up.  Real Housewives of Miami was reportedly slated to be another show, but it has been adopted by the Housewives franchise. An insider says that the show will be, “a tamer, sexier show.”  To which I say: if it’s tame, we don’t want any! More table-flipping please.

Let’s get you acquainted with some of these new Miami ladies:

Larsa Younan, wife of retired NBA star Scottie Pippin

Christina Rice, ex-wife of former Miami Heat star Glen Rice

Adriana Sidi, an art scene socialite

Alexia Echeverria, Venue magazine editor

Marysol Patton, public relations expert

Lea Black, wife of famed defense attorney Roy Black

and for the first time ever on Real Housewives:

Elaine Lancaster, South Beach drag queen

Lancaster is reportedly a close personal friend of Dennis Rodman, and will appear as both the female Elaine Lancaster and his male self, James Davis, on the show.

Although at first I rolled my eyes at this and thought, “Enough with the new cities; just give us New Jersey 24/7,” once I heard “drag queen,” all bets were off.