new york hate



I know you perhaps do not live in New York, but The Paris Review has some amazing mid-century observations (like the one above) from George Leonard Herter.

So. To fully appreciate this, you’re going to want to move here, establish a life in NYC, eat truffle cake balls at Momofuku, make conversation with people on the subway at 2 in the morning, walk from SoHo to Midtown on spring days, drink as you can drink no place else on earth except any city with public transit – basically, come to love the city as your own, and then you should read this article. So, do all of that. Also, call me! I’m heading to Momofuko right now, we can meet up for pistachio croissants and midday champagne since you’re here, now!

George is not invited for pistachio croissants. This is why George hates New York.

– Large doughy pretzels should be served with peanuts. Why no peanuts?

– This place was so much better when the Indians had it

– Some nice tee-pees would look great where all the buildings are

– Central Park is an unkempt wood

– The pies and cakes they are serving? They are so bad you would not give them to your worst enemy.

– What’s the deal with these poorly made mink coats?