There was an insane article in The New York Times about why a Bocce Ball court needs to remain a “men’s only” space. The main reasons were:

I want to be able to scratch myself, curse and play like the barbarian I am. Give me one court and leave me alone…

You can’t put women with advanced players. It takes away the competition. That’s what I play for, the competition and the camaraderie.

I’m not saying women are inferior, but they’re inferior players… Also, men inherently use blue language. It happens. With women you have to mind your p’s and q’s, which is hard to do in the heat of a game. So I discriminate. Sue me.

Women, Mr. Cohen said, do not have the strength or stamina and “play for the sake of playing the game; they don’t play strategically.”

I am going to assume this is completely, objectively true, and also, that there are some other sports women should not be playing. For instance:[ITPGallery]