A little while ago, news broke that Rebecca Black of “Friday” fame would be releasing another single, despite the nationwide mockery with which her first song was received. Well, that moment has come, and I have to say…I wish it hadn’t.

You’ll recall that I had high hopes for this video, and the spirit with which it was made. And I went into it hoping with all my heart that it would be fucking awesome, that she would show the world how good she really is, and that everybody who said mean things about this now-14-year-old would hang their heads in shame.

But…that didn’t happen.

That didn’t happen at all.

Instead, Black delivered the following number, called “My Moment,” which has to do, unfortunately, with the fact that this is her moment in the sun.

Except that it’s not.

It’s not her moment in the sun.

This isn’t what sun feels like, Rebecca!! Abort mission!! SUN SHOULD FEEL GOOD!

Anyway. What happens in the video, you might ask?

I’ll tell you. First, Black delivers such zingers as “Weren’t you the one who said that I would be nothing/Well I’m about to prove you wrong,” and “You tried to be my friend but I wouldn’t let you, remember what you said.” She also lets fly with uncomfortable lines like: “My one wish is about to come true,” lending the video that creepy feeling that you get from watching a kid get their way on something that is probably not be good for them.

Throughout the entire video, Black is featured in different situations in which a famous person might find themselves: in the back seat of a limo, reading a story about herself in the paper, and perhaps most cringeworthy, walking in to watch a dance rehearsal of people presumably preparing to back her up in a video or concert, a la Britney Spears. (To her credit, Black is actually a decent dancer.)

In short, the video represents yet another unfortunate decision made by someone, somewhere, on behalf of Rebecca Black and her career.

Still, I haven’t lost hope for this girl one day triumphing over the haters. She does have talent, and she’s not an idiot — for instance, she has a knack for comedy, as evidenced by her performance in these Funny or Die videos.

So maybe…maybe you direct that winning energy elsewhere, Rebecca Black. I mean, when I was 13, I thought I was going to be a supermodel. But I never grew past 5’4.

Just sayin’.

Now, without further ado:

[youtube_iframe id=”2OxWD85Ngz4″]