Rebel Wilson Pitch Perfect(GIF: Giphy)

There are lots of celebrities who we would gladly join their squads if we were everyone fortunate enough to get an invite. (Hello, Taylor Swift.) One person we would definitely want to be best friends with is Rebel Wilson. She just seems like one of those people who you would always have a good time when you’re with her, no matter what you’re doing. She is freakin’ hilarious and maybe, just maybe, she could design a dress inspired by you for her next Torrid collection.

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If we cannot actually be friends with Rebel, we would gladly be friends with her movie characters. Like the real Rebel, they are funny and have the best lines. Of course there are some we would like to be best friends forever with more than others.

Take a look a Rebel Wilson’s best characters, ranked by who we want to be best friends with:

5.  Brynn, BridesmaidsRebel Wilson Bridesmaid

(GIF: Tumblr)

You probably wouldn’t want Brynn as a roommate, especially if you keep a diary, but she could be a fun friend to have. She could talk to you about the dirt she found in other people’s diaries and about her Mexican drinking worm tattoo.

4. Daphne, A Few Best MenRebel Wilson A Few best Men

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You would probably want to know Daphne just for the fact that her parents live on a sprawling estate in the Australian forest. You will also love how she says what she thinks. However, her whole thing about possibly only being a lesbian to annoy her dad earns her a lower spot on the list.

3. Tilly, Night at the Museum: Secret of the TombTilly Night at the Museum

(GIF: Tumblr)

Tilly may be a security guard and the antagonist in Night at the Museum, but she isn’t just any security guard. She is a security guard at the magical British Museum. If you become good friends with her, maybe she would let you see the exhibitions after hours and touch stuff you aren’t supposed to.

2. Robin, How to Be SingleRebel Htbs

(GIF: Tumblr)

Robin seems like a fun person to be around. She would always be making you laugh. The downside would be when the jokes are at your expense. You wouldn’t want her making jokes about your pubic hair when you’re in a sauna.

1. Fat Amy, Pitch PerfectRebel Wilson Pitch Perfect 1

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Who doesn’t want to be BFFs with Fat Amy or Fat Patricia? There are lots of cool members of the Bellas, but Fat Amy is by far the best. She is from Tasmania. Plus, she says what is on her mind. No one can come up with a witty pun as fast as her. She is aca-awesome.