reddit can be creepy

It’s not really surprising that an online community made up primarily of young men thinks it’s a blast to objectify women. Before major controversy ensued, Reddit was the homebase for a large collection of creepshots and upskirt photos… and now the website is practically overflowing with a new kind of creepery. It’s called R/FacebookCleavage, and it’s exactly what you think it is.

Users are encouraged to upload photos of their hot female Facebook friends. According to the forum’s ground rules, the pictures “don’t have to be cleavage. Any sexy pic will do”– so long as they don’t include the women’s real names, and so long as the women are of age. Although, as you’d expect from the internet, many of the women pictured look like they could be underage, and according to the Daily Dot, some of them have braces.

But even if all the women pictured are legal adults, the existence of this community isn’t any less creepy. The language used to describe the photos is disrespectful at best, and much of it is straight-up predatory. Jezebel pulled this screencap, which I think deserves a trigger warning.

jezebel's screencap of r/facebookcleavage

And the Daily Dot posted this one, which makes my skin crawl.

the daily dot's screencap of r/facebookcleavage

It really upsets me to know that people are going to passionately defend this subreddit because the women are “objectifying themselves” or “asking for attention” by posting the pictures. For one thing, it’s clear that not every photo on the forum is of a woman who’s intentionally posing to look sexy. For another thing, if someone uploads a hot picture of themselves for their Facebook friends to see, they’re not making it available to the general public and asking for commentary from strangers to whom they haven’t granted access to their page. For another thing, most of the people posting on this forum have made it obvious that they have little respect for the women’s humanity. They’re not here to look at beautiful people– there are millions of pictures of beautiful people available online. They’re here for the thrill of creeping on a hot body who didn’t give them permission to look.

Via Jezebel / Photo: Shutterstock