Everyone knows the Superbowl is really about the ads. Companies fall all over themselves to try to promote their products in the cutest/cleverest/sexiest way possible during this, the year’s most important moment in the inexplicably popular blood sport known as “American football.” So naturally, online pornography site Pornhub (link NSFW) tried to get in on the action with an ad that was not bad, as porn ads go.

As you can see, the totally SFW ad features an elderly couple whose sex life, we are meant to presume, has been sustained and enhanced by internet pornography. It’s cute, in that old people are cute, and surprising, in that we are not expecting to see old people associated with internet pornography. Compared to some of last year’s ads, it’s a veritable work of genius.

Unfortunately, CBS decided they didn’t want normal things used to sell porn (despite the fact that porn is frequently used to sell normal things) and rejected it. In response, Pornhub started a petition page where we are supposed to try to appeal the decision by clicking “VOTE YES–AIR IT.”

On the one hand, I can see how CBS would not want an ad for a porn site to run during an event so mainstream you get fined a million dollars for showing an accidental hint of areola in it. On the other, do you really think kids have any trouble finding internet porn, and that not telling them about Pornhub is going to hinder them in any way? In the time it just took you to look up what Pornhub is, your child jerked off to five Sasha Grey anal scenes in a row on a site neither you nor I have even heard of yet.

Perhaps Pornhub knew they were going to get rejected all along, in which case this is a win-win for them; this rejection is garnering just as much publicity as an ad during the Superbowl would, and at no additional cost. But in a world where the line between adult entertainment and regular entertainment is thinner than ever, and porn stars are charming, well-mannered professionals while famous actors are unreliable, drug-addicted criminals, I can’t imagine this is going to stop happening.

(Via NYO)