I ripped this ad out of a magazine. Observe the world of Relpax®.

It’s 9 a.m., and black-and-white woman has a migraine. Look at her, sitting on her kitchen footstool, head in hands!

Because this is what I would do if I had a migraine at 9 a.m. I wouldn’t stay in bed. No, because my kitchen calls! I MUST MOP IT. I have little regard for my own pain, only for my linoleum and those who will judge me by its cleanliness!

Then, black-and-white woman takes Relpax®, and the world turns to color! Mostly orange. The world turns mostly orange. The clock reads 11 a.m.

Mostly-orange-woman doesn’t use this opportunity to change her clothes (orange!), go to work, take a nice bath, hit the library, or go for a run. No! FINALLY, SHE CAN MOP. She also seems to have combed her bangs.

Look at her smile — weak, forced. “I’m already wearing my orange button-down over a gray t-shirt, and my sneakers with no laces. It’s nice that they gave me the medicine. Sure, mopping sounds good. I can mop. I’ll mop, I’ll do it, I swear! Please make the doctor stop giving me the headaches. Why did I spend two hours sitting on a tiny kitchen stool?”

Relpax®: For women who live in a false dichotomy in which migraines and mopping are the only available options.