Not only was Michelle Obama’s fashion the talk of the town on Inauguration Day, but so was a certain hat. Did you see the hat that Aretha Franklin wore while she sang “America the Beautiful”?

I watched the ceremony and I remember saying to my husband, “Oh my gosh! Look at her hat!” Needless to say, I am not a fan of the hat, but thousands of others are.

Replicas of the hat, designed by Luke Song of Detroit’s Mr. Song Millinery, are selling like hot cakes. Song told the Los Angeles Times that he has sold thousands since the hat’s debut on national television.

For real? Thousands? I would love to know where these women are wearing this hat. Any ideas?

More pictures of Aretha Franklin and the hat below.

[picapp_v1 publisher_id=”10112″ image_url=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/c/9/b/b/d9.jpg” js_image_id=”541797″ width=”420″ height=”588″ alt=”Barack Obama Is Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States” href_image_id=”3636908″] [picapp_v1 publisher_id=”10112″ image_url=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/d/e/7/9/31.jpg” js_image_id=”541802″ width=”420″ height=”446″ alt=”Barack Obama Is Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States” href_image_id=”3638613″] [picapp_v1 publisher_id=”10112″ image_url=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/b/3/f/2/c3.JPG” js_image_id=”541804″ width=”420″ height=”552″ alt=”Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States” href_image_id=”3640573″]

Source: People

Image Credit: Newscom