We are safe, you guys — the FBI has arrested a 35-year-old Florida man in connection to the hacked nude photos of Scarlett Johanssen that recently made the rounds online.

According to CNN, Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville didn’t have a remarkably advanced system for hacking; he tracked the celebs online and was able to guess their passwords based on information he found out about them. It’s similar to when Paris Hilton was hacked in 2005, notes the news site, because her phone’s security password was the name of her very famous chihuahua, Tinkerbell.

Chaney was arrested as part of what the FBI cleverly dubbed “Operation Hackerazzi” (THESE PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE OF OUR SAFETY), a project that was set in motion to follow up not just on ScarJo’s hack, but also the hacked accoutns of Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis, Simone Harouche and Renee Olstead.