Do you have what it takes to time travel back to the 1960s and work as a Playboy bunny in one of the Playboy Club’s numerous classy locations in American and abroad? Find out by reading this retro-riffic recruitment brochure which was circulated by the company in the 1960s. Its requirements include boobs, “proper” proportions, boobs, intelligence and common sense, boobs, a cheerful disposition, boobs, and a readiness to make mad scrilla doing unskilled labor your uglier counterparts will never have access to. Oh, and boobs.

And if this whole thing disgusts you, which it may, just pretend you are Gloria Steinem and you are only filling out this application so you can go undercover and expose Playboy for all the ways it mistreats its foxy workers. Some fantasies are different from others.

(Via Buzzfeed)