rihanna selfie

In addition to being an international pop star and music sensation, Rihanna can now call herself an international crime fighter and great protector of endangered species. Just kidding, but a selfie that Rihanna Instagrammed costarring a Slow Loris did lead to the arrests of two individuals for selling protected species.

A quick reminder: this is a Slow Loris.
[youtube_iframe id=”4m2Nn43QJA4″]
Rihanna took the photo during a vacation weekend in Thailand, and it’s probably the cutest photo in her tenure as an Instagram exhibitionist. It turns out, however, that that cuddly little son of a gun is a protected species, and celebrities aren’t supposed to cuddle them and take photos hilariously captioned “Look who was talkin dirty to me!”

The AP spoke to Phuket District Chief Weera Kerdsirimongkon, who said “Phuket authorities were alerted to the picture (of Rihanna), and last night police arrested the two individuals who brought out the loris as a photo opportunity for tourists.” The smugglers could face up to four years in prison and $1,300 fine if they are convincted on the charges of possession of protected animals.

Quick question–why isn’t Rihanna in any trouble? For at least the duration of the photo-taking, Rihanna was in possession of the protected animal. J’accuse! Somebody get me a person who understands laws.

Photo: Instagram