You’ve kind of got to hand it to Rihanna. She smokes blunts in front of the paps like it ain’t no thing, has flings with smoking hot male models, gets things like “Thug Life” tattooed on her person, and is generally just as gangsta as any of her male counterparts. She might not own an ocelot like Drake yet (give her time), but now she’s joined the ranks of “collectors of insanely expensive kitsch” with her $160,000 purchase of a giant portrait of (who else?) Marilyn Monroe, made of Swarovski crystals no less. Note to Blake Lively: this is how it’s done.

Except…what’s going on with the Rihanna Marilyn’s teeth? Is it just me, or does it look like she only has two of them? Is this a comment on the postmodern nature of being a famous sex object, whereby you think you’re on top of the world but you’re actually having your “teeth” taken from you, one by one? Did Rihanna say she wanted the portrait to reflect that when she commissioned it? Or did artist Claire Milner just kind of fuck it up? Or maybe I’m seeing things? You be the judge.

(Via MTV Style)