o-CHRIS-BROWN-RIHANNA-TOGETHER-AGAIN-570For months rumors have been circulating that Rihanna and that asshole Chris Brown are back together, or at the very least working on their “friendship.” Why this is happening, I don’t know, none of us know and we can only hope that he doesn’t eventually put her in a body bag.

After celebrating a “thug life” Christmas together, the two thought it appropriate to share with their fans the fact that they spent New Year’s in bed together. The proof of this joyous  horrific event was tweeted by both Rihanna and Brown. Although neither photo included the two of them together, they’re both wrapped up in the same comforter, so unless these two have matching comforters (which could happen), they’re definitely, absolutely back on and making lots of whoopy.

Everything about this is sad and upsetting, and not just because the comforter is ugly as fuck, but because Rihanna is making what could eventually be a deadly mistake. And while it is her life and her decision, her fame gives her the spotlight to show her fans who might be in abusive relationships, that walking away is what one needs to do. Allowing Brown back into her life and tweeting photos of it as definite proof is just bad. I can’t even come up with another word besides “bad,” oh, so BAD. I guess she never saw Sleeping with the Enemy. Rihanna needs help and lots of it.

Here’s Brown’s matching tweet:




Photos: Instagram