And the best part is it looked just like Haley Joel Osment!

No, not really. But a robot did just go berserk in the Balkans. According to TheRegister:

Reports are coming in from Slovenia of a horrifying and yet unambiguously newsworthy incident in which several scientists have reportedly been set upon and brutally beaten by a robot they were working on in their Ljubljana laboratory.

“A powerful robot has been hitting people over and over again,” reports New Scientist, which broke the news of the mechanical rampage to an astonished world…No fewer than six Slovenian boffins, all thought to be male, were struck “repeatedly on the arm” during the laboratory incident, in which a robot of a type normally employed in assembling vending machines went violently berserk and bludgeoned the men with an assortment of blunt instruments or sharp tools it had picked up using its powerful, motorised articulated arm.

Now, they say the the machine was programmed by another employee to attack the workers. The employee claims that he wanted to “discover better ways to program robots not to hurt people.” Hah! That’s one explanation. Or it could be a cover-up about the robot becoming cognizant. Machines could be turning on us. Was Isaac Asimov around to program that robot with the three laws of robotics? No he was not.

Basically, you need to tie your toaster up when you go to sleep at night. That’s all.