My mind is spinning at the prospect of the Karl Lagerfeld guest starring on Gossip Girl. Although I’m pretty sure he’ll play himself, equipped with dark sunglasses, black gloves and a sharp suit, I like to imagine the other roles Karl could play.

1. Valentino. Because we all saw the Last Emperor when Karl tried to take the stage (and attention) from Valentino. And we’re pretty sure Karl thinks he would make a better Valentino than the actual Valentino.

2. An American Tourist. Since the next season is set in Paris, imagine Karl shedding his wardrobe of black and white and opting for a Hawaiian t-shirt  with a bulky camera strapped around his neck.

3. Serena’s new love interest. Forget Dan, Nate and that married politican, Serena is soo over boys remotely close to her age. Instead, she has her eyes set on Karl. And honestly, I don’t blame her. A life filled with Chanel gowns, Chanel perfume and front row to all the fashion shows? Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

4. Vampire. There’s a part of me (albeit a small part) that tells me Karl is not human. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never seen his eyes or there’s a vampire-like quality about him that makes me believe he might glitter when he steps into the sun; it would be an unexpected (yet, welcome) surprise to see Gossip Girl turn into a vampire show.

5. Gossip Girl. Just imagine if Karl Lagerfeld was the narrator of the show all along (disguising his voice as Kristen Bell, of course). He’s been secretly keeping tabs and stirring up drama on the show for three seasons now and all these secrets unravel this season.

Although highly unrealistic (especially  number 2, I doubt Karl would ever look in the direction of a Hawaiin shirt let alone put one onto his body), a girl can dream. I guess we won’t know until September what those creative genius’s at Gossip Girl have in store for us, but until then – I’ll keep brainstorming.