Hey, look, people who vote for different candidates like different things! Also, Atlas Shrugged was a movie!

This chart from Compass Labs breaks down the voter preferences.

Dallas is a show that is on right now? This may be the most surprising thing. Maybe they meant old Dallas. That would be more charming. Also – why The Sound of Music? Because they love people with large families who sing? This sort of makes sense as to why one would vote for Romney. He does seem to have a family that looks like it could run over a mountaintop with great ease.

And Democrats love The Daily Show. And all the tech gadgets. Honestly, what I end up taking away from these charts is that we’re all incredibly predictable in our preferences. No political group loves, say, Par Lagerkvist. This makes me kind of sad.

Although, the fact that Obama voters seemingly wear blind mice style glasses, perhaps implies that he also appeals to people who need healthcare.

I guess I can feel united with everyone in that everyone enjoys The Hangover.  It’s nice that Zach Galifianakis is the one thing that can bring this country together. Zach Galifianakis and drinking. Maybe a little quilting, too. We can work past party lines on this.