Are you tired of the traditional labor day Pimms Cup (this is traditional in the world of me, personally.) Do you find yourself flinging up your arms and shouting, “a true laborer would never drink the cucumber beverage served at Ascot?” I respect your strong opinions about odd things, and I have found a drink for you, eccentric and opinionated friend!

Rumchata. It’s the cream liquer love child of rum and horchata (a delicious beverage made from tigernuts, so you know that it is both grrrr-eat and super sexy.) You can find where it’s sold in your area here, and here are two fun recipes you can use it for:

Cake and Ice Cream:
1 part Rumchata
1 part cake flavored vodka

Dirty Monkey:
2 parts Rumchata
1 part banana liqueur

Happy labor day, almost. Go have a cocktail. You’ve earned it.