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The trailer for “Magic Mike” has been released — you know, the movie where Tatum Channing recreates his one-time employment as a male stripper — and ladies, I’m sorry to say that it looks horrible.

I think what we were all expecting was a fun little ditty about a hot guy who takes his clothes off alongside other hot guys. I personally was also excited about the endless opportunities this movie would offer of comparing and contrasting the life of a male stripper to the life of a female stripper.

Instead, it looks like what we have here is a sappy, bad romance movie, with sappy, bad acting and only a little bit of male nudity. Per the trailer released today, the movie isn’t just about a dude who takes off his clothes for money. It’s also a standard-issue sex worker-who-wants-more-from-life story about a dude who takes off his clothes for money, and who then meets a girl and has to contend with her feelings towards his work.

Now, I will say that this happily mirrors what happens to female strippers. Once ladystrippers’ night jobs (or, in some cases, daytime jobs too) are revealed, they are hugely, grotesquely subjected to the judgment of society. So I’m happy to see a little equal opportunity judging going on in this movie (although in an ideal world, no one would be judged for removing their clothing for whatever reason they deem appropriate).

It’s just that…well, watch the trailer. No one seems believable. On one hand, Magic Mike totally loves his job. On the other hand…he meets a girl who seems like a total judgmental bitch and has to decide whether to give up his work for her? That kind of just sucks. Also, I was hoping this movie would be a little more tongue-in-cheek. Maybe that’s just me being an asshole and not wanting to see real-life issues hashed out on the silver screen, but I think it’s more that if real-life issues are going to be hashed at all, they should be hashed well and thoughtfully, and if this trailer is any indication, that’s not the case with “Magic Mike.”

What do you think?