As some of you may know, yesterday I got to be up close and personal at the VMAs, among the people with whom I have spent many an intimate evening at home. In fact, I got to talk not only to some of my favorite reality TV stars, but some of their publicists as well.

If you’ve never seen them in action, publicists can be a fun breed to watch. They come frantically running ahead of their charge, in order to prep media for the impending appearance of fill-in-the-blank celebrity (“I have Jane, Hot Girl #4 in Vampire Zombies”). If their person is important enough, they might even give you guidelines about what to ask and what not to ask.

Well, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola is now no stranger to fame, and as such, her appearance at the VMA press line was preceded by a woman who admonished members of the media to keep Ronnie out of the picture: “No Ronnie questions,” she said. “Nothing about the relationship.”

I briefly panicked. I had already jotted down my most pressing concerns: “Is it over??” and, “What do you think, now that you’re watching Season 2 and you realize that everyone in the house knew he was playing you?

Fortunately, I am like lightning on my toes, so I was able to come up with some new ones just like that. So I was free to wonder, why the cock-block?

At first, I figured that it was because the break-up (all 400 iterations of it) was just too painful, and that watching it over again on TV was like a dagger in her little New Jersey heart.

But apparently, none of that has been bad enough to make Sammi feel what some might feel in her shoes — the burning desire to slap the shit out of Ronnie every time she sees him. Au contraire! Because despite the fact that we weren’t allowed to ask Sammi questions about the Ronnie situation, we still got to see them together on the carpet. And what did we see? Well, I’ll tell you.

We saw Sammi laughing with Ron and standing next to him as the whole cast stopped mid-carpet to take some pictures amongst themselves. We saw her take his picture using his camera as he stood against the VMA backdrop. And we saw her hover near him as the cast did interviews.

SAY IT AIN’T SO, SAMMI! Please say, after all this, you aren’t still with that guy. As a friend of mine said — “MTV should start putting information about domestic abuse up at the end of ‘Jersey Shore.'”

Yes, Sammi — it’s that bad. And EVERYBODY KNOWS.

Here are a few pics of the two having some private moments on the white carpet…[ITPGallery]