If anything, all I’ve heard as a result of the Newton, Conn. school shooting is people saying that we need 1) more conversations about gun control and 2) more conversations about mental health. But, apparently, there are also people saying “we should go buy a ton of guns.”

According to the Huffington Post:


Larry Hyatt, owner of North Carolina-based Hyatt Gun Shop, which claims to be America’s largest independently owned gun store, said he had a line out the door on Saturday, forcing him to call in extra salespeople.

“We already have tons of customers because of Christmas, hunting season is peaking right now, and not to mention, the election,” Hyatt said. “But this tragedy is pushing sales through the roof,” he added. “It’s like putting gasoline on a fire.”

And at another gun shop:

The AR-15 style rifle, a weapon of choice in both the Colorado shooting and last Friday’s shooting in Connecticut, accounted for more than 25 percent of ArmsX’s recent sales, Marquardt said.

The fire of what? The fire of wanting to kill people? Guys, why are you selling guns to people whose immediate reaction after an incredibly tragic event is “I want the kind of gun that guy had?” as though Adam Lanza were some celebrity carrying a new Birkin? Adam Lanza is not someone you should want to emulate. That is not a normal reaction to have. That is not a person that should have a gun. But on the upside, it could just be “the election” so maybe they just want to kill Obama? Who are these people? What is wrong with this country?

Though, I suppose if you run a gun shop, you do have to sell guns to people who come in to buy guns. If you were a gun shop owner because, I don’t know, you love skeet shooting more than anything and wanted to turn your hobby into a profession, how would you handle this? Would you just shut down for a few days after such a tragedy? That seems like one reaction that would be better than selling off weapons to people who heard about Adam Lanza shooting in an elementary school and thought it would be good to have the kind of gun he had.