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Here’s some badass news to start your Friday morning: Sarah Jessica Parker went off on some rando on Twitter for what seems to have been one hell of an insulting Tweet. The offending Tweet has since been deleted, but given Parker’s reaction, it sounds like a doozy.

Let’s take a look at SJP’s target, one Sarah J. Symonds. Symonds is currently writing a book called The Chardonnay Diaries. Symonds self-identifies as an “infidelity analyst” and founded something normal sounding called Wife School, “where the message to all wives is, ‘Be Your Husband’s Mistress.'” According to her Twitter activity, it would appear that she gets most of her news from The Daily Mail. And she said something to SJP that set her the hell off.

When Parker saw the tweet, she responded with some fighting words.




A few hours later, Parker added:


It would seem that Symonds went into the off-limits territory of celebrity children, and I have some sort of idea of what she might have said. So, cool, you’re a nobody and it seems like fun to attack someone’s children? Okay, happy Friday.

I would imagine that celebrities are faced with a barrage of negative messaging, and social media has made it worse. Sure, there’s wonderful upsides to the access fans can have to celebrities now (within reasonable limits), but that of course comes with an unfortunate other side. I don’t know what Symonds said, but whatever it was clearly struck an awful nerve with Parker. Her response is angry, but it’s nonviolent, appropriate, and based in the worthy goal of getting people to treat each other with some common decency. At the very least, let’s all just lay off the kids.

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images