…fascinatingly ignorant. And no doubt that’s why she was featured, alongside the cast of “Jersey Shore,” on Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010.

Why do I repeat what most of us already know about Palin? Well, maybe because her interview with Walters served to remind us of how sexist she is, and yet how deliberately she brands herself that way:

Walters: Some Republicans are angry with you. They say you threw your considerable weight behind inexperienced candidates and as a result, it’s your fault that the Republicans didn’t take the Senate.

Palin: Aren’t these boys just silly with their accusation that Sarah Palin, the hockey mom from Wasila, cost the us power base?

YES. One incredibly powerful woman to another, on national television in what should have been a serious interview, talking about an entire political party as if she were making a comment about her dopey husband’s inability to change a diaper.

And it wasn’t just what she said — it was how she said it. Palin talked to Walters in the hushed, conspiratorial tones of two housewives kvetching over coffee in the middle of the afternoon. Which, I know, is all part of her attempt to sound folksy, but is also incredibly insulting.

That’s all, of course, aside from the fact that — breaking news — the GOP isn’t comprised entirely of men. Some of the people calling her an asshole (in not so many words) may very well have been women.

Anyway, Palin’s terrifically gendered answer didn’t stop there. In the next breath, she went on to call her detractors “impotent and limp and…weak — they hide behind somebody’s skirt,” which is really special for people like me who derive joy from her every ignorant remark. I mena, she just tried to link disliking her to lack of sexual prowess. I guess I have to give her credit for being ballsy…and dumb.

Anyway, you know what I think Sarah Palin’s job should be? She should be one of those girls in the Miller Lite “man up” commercials, whose job it is to emasculate guys who don’t want to buy the beer they’re selling. She’d get to lob xenophobic insults, talk about how great America is, and at the same time put down men who disagree with her by insinuating that they’re not manly enough. Also, she would have no political power whatsoever. Win-win.