I’m sure anyone who’s seen the SATC2 poster by now has realized that the ladies have been somewhat Photoshop-enhanced, but Kim Cattrall in particular is but a shadow of her former self. Her cheeks are puffed up, her face seems to have been widened, and everyone’s skin is dubiously wrinkle-free for women in their 40’s.

Now, the gals’ Entertainment Weekly cover is causing the same stir. All four of them look like they’ve taken hundreds of hits of collagen to the dome, Cattrall again looks eerily like a 21-year-old, SJP has cheeks any Central Park squirrel would die for, and Cynthia Nixon’s neck is that of an elderly (yet graceful) turkey.

Maybe this is supposed to make them look better (??), but I think we can all agree that they look more like awkward zombies than youthful beauts. All except for Kristin Davis. I guess we know who’s been baking cupcakes and handing them out around town.