scarlett johansson banned super bowl commercial

Scarlett Johansson‘s SodaStream commercial was banned from The Super Bowl for a pretty stupid and boring reason: everyone’s afraid of Pepsi and Coke.

I was conned into watching the ad because I was under the impression that it was TOO HOT FOR TV–they’re calling it the “uncensored” version. I also learned something about myself today, and it’s that I’m a giant perv. I mean, I was ready to titillated. When I realized that ad wasn’t so much hot as cartoon sexy, I angrily berated my coworkers. “Why was it banned?” I wailed. “It’s like the most tame Superbowl commercial of all time!” Sure, Johansson sort of felates a straw in an over the top, fake way, but the whole thing is just tame. Well, that’s because it wasn’t banned on the grounds of overt sexuality, and what we have here is an example of jumping to conclusions.

In reality, Fox banned the ad because Johansson named checks SodaStream competitors in the last seconds of the commercial. Apparently, Fox was too afraid to cross Pepsi and Coke, so they told SodaStream to take a hike. SodaStream CEO is spewing a lot of anger about getting banned, but they’re pretty obviously following a formula that worked for them last year, when they got banned and then got tons of clicks on Youtube for free. This year, however, SodaStream can’t get their ad money back, and so they’re editing out the Pepsi/Coke line for the Superbowl.

If you’re interested in the ad itself (with the highly controversial Pepe/Coke line), you can watch it here. Otherwise, we’ll wait on Go Daddy to give us the lowest common denominator what-are-they-even-selling ad on Sunday.

[youtube_iframe id=”zxq4ziu-wrI”]