Here’s Dolce&Gabbana’s new commercial for their fragrance called The One, starring ScarJo. Take a look…it’s a little weird.

First of all, it seems like Ms. Jo might still (still!) be trying to channel Marilyn, what with her suggestive 1950s demeanor. But more than that, her acting is just kind of…well, not great. I’m not totally convinced that ScarJo can pull off a mid-century glamazon, or really, that she can pull off any character who isn’t baaaasically the same as the one she played in “Lost in Translation.” Our Scarlett, I think, just isn’t a character actor. Which is fine. Neither is JenAn or JulRo. There’s no shame in that game.

[youtube_iframe id=”O_Lj58hsOO4″]